Perennial Spirit

What started as an experiment a few days ago turned into a song I composed and produced.  Inspired by game music, I wrote a piece about an adventurer, while faced with overwhelming odds, finds the courage to push forward not fearing the dangers faced ahead. I hope you enjoy it as I have enjoyed creating this piece.


Website Redesign for Kourtney Heintz

Hey folks, I’ve worked with the wonderful Kourtney Heintz to redesign her website.  She is an adult and young adult novelist from Connecticut. Take a look here.


Lufia’s Fortress of Doom Mix Completed

I’m proud to say that the first song has been completed for the recording of Vanish Doom’s take of “Fortress of Doom.”  After days of recording, mixing, and remixing, the song is now available on ReverbNation.  The band’s extremely excited.  Hope you like it.

I am Now on SoundCloud

My music and sound samples are now on SoundCloud.  Over time, I will have samples ranging from electronic, to rock/metal, to orchestral.  I’ll also throw in a few sound effects that can be freely used for film/video game work.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Change the Tempo to Match Audio Clip in FL Studio

Last week, the guys from Vanish Doom came over to my studio (my sad corner office in my apartment) to record.  They wanted to record the cover of Lufia’s “Fortress of Doom” exactly as the original, but with rock instruments.  The method I used was to have the original song as a backing track allowing the band to record over it with the metronome on at 140.

After about four measures, the metronome would slowly divert away from the song’s beat, more and more as the song plays.  It’s clear that the tempo did not match the audio clip’s tempo.  The problem is, if I tweak the project’s tempo, not only would I be guessing, but the audio clip is also stretched, affecting tone (sounding higher or lower pitch).

There’s a really good way to detect the audio clip’s tempo and apply that to the project without affecting the clip’s tone.

  • Double-click on the audio clip to open the Channel settings > SMP tab.
  • Right-click on the clip below and select Detect tempo.
  • A Tempo detection popup will show up.  If the sample came with tempo information, it will show up as the first button.  Click on that button.
  • In the next popup, click Yes to set the project’s tempo.
The original song’s tempo?  140.850.  That 0.850 really makes a difference.
FL Studio Detect Tempo
FL Studio Detect Tempo
FL Studio Detect Tempo

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